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Simon achieved this without doing ANY selling, prospect chasing, cold
calling, pestering family & friends, answering any questions - or any of the other tiresome tasks nearly every other company out there always expect
you to do after they've taken your money...

The revolutionary Prosperity International Home-based Income Program is currently helping thousands of ordinary people around the world to generate themselves a substantial income, and fulfill their lifelong dreams of total financial independence ... all without all the drawbacks of a conventional business, and without the fear of rejection.

Better still, our program has nothing whatsoever to do with selling pills or potions, holiday discounts or software to family & friends, buying and selling on eBay, internet gambling, financial investments, over hyped product less schemes - or any other gimmicks. Nor do you need to do any selling, or waste endless hours on the phone making cold calls and having to chase, interview, qualify & close prospects, mail expensive brochures, or carry out any of the other boring tasks nearly every other company out there always expect you to do ...

• You don't like selling? Not a problem! With Prosperity International you don't have to. Instead, our skilled, friendly & professional Prosperity Business Advisors will be happy to follow up and personally call all your interested prospects for you. Every time they make a sale, you'll earn up to $2,500 - paid directly to you the very same day, and in your chosen format (i.e. check, wire, PayPal, credit card etc)...

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All YOU ever need to do is INVITE PEOPLE to your website!

• You don't know how to market or advertise? We have this covered too. Your Prosperity Back Office website includes everything you could possibly need to make spreading the word of Prosperity International simplicity itself.

• You don't have credit card facilities? No problem! As a valued Prosperity Super Affiliate, your feature-packed websites will be instantly enabled to start accepting credit cards payments from your customers, worldwide. No credit reference required. No paperwork. No fuss. No hassle ... and you'll receive the profits due from all your product sales weekly - paid to you by check or bank wire transfer.

No other Affiliate Income Program on the Internet offers you this truly phenomenal cutting edge payment solution!

Here's The Bottom Line:

With our remarkable system, you can actually start making money on your very first day! This complete turnkey system makes generating a substantial income from home one of the easiest things you've ever done. It's just like having your own sales team, call center, webmaster, customer support, programmer and Internet marketing expert right at your fingertips, 24/7!

Making Money Just Doesn't Get Any Easier than This!

So if you like the idea of being your own boss, making money the easy way, and getting your share of the Internet's incredible wealth - right from the privacy of your own home - take the next step and find out just how easy it is to get started.

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and much much more ...

Remember - you are never under any obligation at any time. There's no hype. No pressure and no false promises. We just give you the facts.

We look forward to seeing you inside...

Prosperous regards,

$imon Johan$$on

Prosperity International

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Prosperity International

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"I just received my UWP package and it is awesome. It has helped to line up 5 sales this month which means I will earn about $12,500 income! More important than that is that I did not have to do any selling! I finally have a real product that can help others and myself no matter what business
you are in! It will really help you beyond our wildest dreams. And the UWP will turn your dreams into reality!
- Larry Evans, USA
"I've been with Prosperity International for 2 weeks and in my first week I got 3 sales (and made $7,500) from an advertisement that cost me $45. That is amazing! I am so happy

to be part of the Prosperity International Family." - Anacleto Marchi, FL, USA

"I want to take a moment to say that for the first time, I found a system that is brilliant. Prosperity International is extremely professional with an organized

plan for each new Affiliate to become successful quickly. This is a system to feel safe with. I am grateful to be here." - Eileen F. Egyedy, USA

"The products are Amazing & the Income Opportunity is Outrageous!

I look forward to making a six figure income in a very short period of time." - Mia Johnson, USA
Bob Proctor's International Best Selller "You Were Born Rich" gives you the COMPLETE PROVEN SYSTEM for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve total financial, emotional physical, and spiritual prosperity. This awe-inspiring 247 page masterpiece is yours, with compliments of Prosperity International - and will be made available to you instantly in PDF format.

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